Hey! These docs are for version 1.0, which is no longer officially supported. Click here for the latest version, 1.1!


Chargestation Object Sample

This is the electrical equipment that an EV connects to recharge. It may have one or more connectors

  "_id": "5eafcdae9e7760a2646be430",
  "protocol": "ocpp1.6",
  "online": false,
  "active": true,
  "status": "Available",
  "evses": ["5eafcdae9e7760a2646be431"],
  "endpoint": "edrv01",
  "location": "5e85d15d0b293f471ecbf197",
  "manufacturer": "Alfen",
  "createdAt": "2020-05-04T08:09:18.816Z",
  "model": "EVE Single Pro",
  "updatedAt": "2020-08-18T15:57:51.872Z",
  "lastConnectAt": "2020-08-05T10:10:45.508Z",
  "lastDisconnectAt": "2020-08-05T14:39:47.276Z",
  "lastMessageAt": "2020-08-05T14:39:19.216Z",
  "organization": "5e7e6c058a6deccfefdf4223",

Sample Chargestation


_id string

The Id of this chargestation

protocol string

The OCPP protocol version supported by your chargestation.
Must be one of ['ocpp1.6', 'ocpp2.0.1']

online boolean

True if the CS is successfully connected to eDRV
False if there is no live web socket connection to the CS

active boolean

Use this flag to activate / deactivate the CS

status string

This field is set in real time by the CS depending on it's current operational state.
Reported values are:
-Available, Preparing, Charging, SuspendedEV, SuspendedEVSE and Finishing

evses array of objectIds

Contains an array of EVSE Ids for this CS. An EVSE is the electrical circuit in a CS that may have multiple connectors.

endpoint string

The chargestation Id. Use this with the connection URL to point your CS to eDRV
Also see Chargestation Connection

location string

The location Id for this CS

manufacturer string

Manufacturer's name

model string

The model of this CS

createdAt datetime

Creation time of this CS record

updatedAt datetime

Last update time of this CS record

lastConnectAt datetime

Last time this CS connected to eDRV

lastDisconnectAt datetime

Last time this CS dis-connected from eDRV

lastMessageAt datetime

Last time this CS sent a data packet to eDRV

organization string

The Organization Id that this chargestation is part of
Also see Organization

csconfig array of objects

Lists all the configuration parameters for this particular chargestation
Also see Get Variables