Hey! These docs are for version 1.0, which is no longer officially supported. Click here for the latest version, 1.1!

Service Rates Setup

As a public EV charging operator you set the rates (prices) that drivers pay for your services. You set these rates via the application dashboard and these are instantly reflected on chargestations on your network.

Rate Components


A short 80 character, summary of your rate. Drivers see this description within the charge station information page on the mobile app. Please check for any grammar and spelling mistakes.
Example 1: 30 Cents per kWh
Example 2: $2.50 per hour + 19% Tax
Example 3: $0.30/kWh + $2.50/Hr (charging time) + 19% Tax
Example 4: €0.30/kWh + €7.50 (Start Fees) + 19% VAT

Price Components

There are three types of price components (Energy, Time, Flat). You can combine multiple rate components to form a Rate. For example you can combine a Flat rate with an Energy rate to create a complex rate.

Energy Rate

Set the rate based on energy delivered in a charging transaction as measured by the chargestation in kilo-watt-hours kWh and reported to eDRV servers. This is the most popular rate selected by operators.
Example: 30 Cents per kWh

Time Rate

Charge your drivers based on charging transaction time. Charging time is measured based on the energy delivered period not on the amount of time a parking slot is occupied. This rate is favored by many parking operators. Please check your local and national regulations as this EV charging methodology is being phased our by many regions in favor of energy metered charging.
Example: $5.60 per hour

Flat Rate

Charge drivers a flat rate regardless of the amount of time or energy consumed in a charging transaction.
Example: $10.50 flat rate + 19%Tax


You have the ability to specify the tax rate applied to each Rate component. Please check your local regulations to add the desired markup on each component type for taxes.



You do not have to set the currency. It is inferred from the connected bank account.

Minumum Fees per Transaction

There is an inherent minimum fee per transaction determined by the credit card provider regardless of time, energy or other rates. This is set by default with every rate and clearly marked in the mobile driver app.

The exact minimum amount per transaction depends on your bank account currency. Here are the minimum rates for a few of the most popular currencies on eDRV.


Minimum Charge Amount











For a more exhaustive list see: Minimum Fees List as set by our Credit Card Processor Stripe.


Bank Account Currency vs. Transaction Currency

The currency of the bank account where you receive payouts via Stripe is your Bank Account Currency.

For e.g. if you run chargestations in the US and Canada and you have connected your US Dollar account via Stripe to receive payments on eDRV. Regardless of the driver transaction currency, your Bank Account Currency is USD.

Create a new Rate

Navigate to the Dashboard and create a new rate.

Create a new RateCreate a new Rate

Create a new Rate


Rates are Immutable

You cannot Delete a rate.
Once created you can only disable a rate or disconnect it from any chargestation on your network.

Apply Rates to a Chargestation and Connector

You can set a unique rate per connector on eDRV, giving you a range of options to price-discriminate as you see fit.
For e.g. you may want to charge a premium rate for higher power chargestations or for specific type of connectors.

Please navigate to the Chargestations section of the eDRV dashboard and set the rate to the appropriate connector. See Chargestations


Every Connector must have a Rate Attached

Please ensure that every chargestation and a connector has a rate assigned to it.

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