Hey! These docs are for version 1.0, which is no longer officially supported. Click here for the latest version, 1.1!



eDRV uses OAuth2 for authorization. This allows your application to authorize and interact with charge stations using the eDRV API.

How to get your Access Token

There are three steps to get your access token

  1. Get client credentials
  2. Request a Token
  3. Authenticate API requests

Client Credentials

Your client credentials can be found in the eDRV admin dashboard. Alternatively contact [email protected] and we can send them to you.

  "client_id": "S4BTj2Kx8Oe75y64J2QeQ2j2oR1CeDRV",
  "client_secret": "kLaqFRcvB8AbvRVa1pOgFkkO3j_abeN9D2sf2w79Z4Hb2URfdcNybpRigak0de"


Never give your credentials to a third party

Your Oauth Credentials give you access to your private Charge Station data and should be treated like a password.

What’s Next

See how to use your client credentials to obtain an access token