Hey! These docs are for version 1.0, which is no longer officially supported. Click here for the latest version, 1.1!

Transaction Payment Details on Stripe

At the start of a transaction, eDRV places a hold on the driver's credit card. You set this Pre-Auth amount via the driver app settings. See Driver App White Labeling

Once the transaction ends, the exact amount is charged to the driver's credit card and the rest is refunded.

Let us have a look at this payment flow in more detail in the example above.

Pre-Auth and Refund

  1. An amount of $10 was Pre-Authorized on this driver's credit card.
  2. The transaction was for a smaller amount $1.03 than the max Pre-Auth. This is captured at the end of the transaction.
  3. The balance of the Pre-Auth ($8.97) is immediately refunded by stripe to the driver.

Operator Payment

  1. Stripe and eDRV fees ($0.37) are subtracted from the amount captured. ($1.03)
  2. The net amount is deposited in the operator's stripe account.

    Net Amount = Amount Captured - Fees
    $0.66 = $1.03 - $0.37

This net amount is available for payouts via Stripe to your bank account. For further details on payout schedule, please see Stripe Payout Schedule

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