Hey! These docs are for version 1.0, which is no longer officially supported. Click here for the latest version, 1.1!

Pre-Auth Receipts

Pre-Auth Success Receipt
The driver is sent an email immediately on processing the Pre-Auth payment. This receipt contains a Transaction URL that the driver can click anytime to return to the transaction page to view and manage the charging transaction.


Transaction URL

The driver can click the transaction URL from any device and return to the charging session. For e.g. the driver may start the session on his iPhone and can return to manage the transaction on his home desktop (by clicking the Transaction URL in his email)

Pre-Auth Cancellation Receipt
If the driver cancels without starting a charging transaction, the Pre-Auth is immediately cancelled and a cancellation receipt is emailed for the driver's personal records.

Transaction Receipt

Transaction receipts contain a summary of information relevant to the driver and the admin.

Payment Id

The Stripe Id of this transaction. See Payments for how to dig deeper into this payment transaction on your stripe dashboard.

Pre-Auth Amount

As set by you in the dashboard. See Driver App White Labeling

Transaction Components
Breaks up the total charge by consumption for each price component type. See Service Rates Setup

Energy: Charge for energy consumed
Time: Charge for charging time
Flat Rate: A flat rate payment component for this transaction.


Recall that drivers put a Pre-Auth amount on hold at the start of a transaction. At the end of a charging session, drivers pay the final Transaction Charge. The refund returns any unused Pre-Auth amount back to the driver.
Refund = (Pre-Auth - Transaction Charge)


Each price component includes the applied tax rate. See See Service Rates Setup for tax setup on each component.


Final receipt arrival time

Final transaction costs are calculated based on the final meter readings sent up by the chargestation.
Final meter readings can often get delayed (chargestation meters often report readings every few minutes. In case communications go down the chargestation queues meter readings and sends them whenever communications are re-established).