Hey! These docs are for version 1.0, which is no longer officially supported. Click here for the latest version, 1.1!

Chargestation Setup

How to setup and connect your chargestation to eDRV

Create your Chargestation on eDRV

Before you can connect your chargestation to eDRV you must get the Connection URL as follows:

Get the URL from the Admin Dashboard

  • Login to the dashboard
  • Navigate to the chargestation section and add or edit a chargestation
  • Add all the relevant information about your chargestation
  • Location: If this is your first time you may not have created a location yet. Choose "Unassigned" for now, you can come back later and change this.

Get the Connection URL

You will use the connection URL to point your chargestation to eDRV's cloud servers.

  • Navigate to the chargestations page (if not there already)
  • Click on the info icon next to a chargestation
  • Copy the connection URL from the CS info screen
    Note The url is organized as ws://csms.edrv.io/<chargeStationId> please note down both the URL and the chargeStationId.

Make sure to copy the Connection URL (including the chargeStationId). We will need it to point your chargestation to eDRV's cloud servers.

What’s Next

Once you have noted the Connection URL (including the chargeStationId), let's go and create a location for this chargestation.