Hey! These docs are for version 1.0, which is no longer officially supported. Click here for the latest version, 1.1!

Vehicle Object

An (electric) vehicle is an asset "owned" by a driver. eDRV uses the electric vehicle APIs to connect, collect data and send commands to vehicles.

Currently we support Tesla (all models, global access). More models are being added soon.

    "_id": "5f4524b9f91367acac45b116",
    "organization": "5e7e6c058a6deccfefdf4223",
    "driver": "5f2c0a5508637cfcf77de65e",
    "token": "5f4524b9f91367acac45b0f7",
    "location": {
        "latitude": 39.114959716796875,
        "longitude": -106.25495910644531
    "make": "TESLA",
    "model": "Model X",
    "vin": "0SCTESL0366BB31F3",
    "year": 2017,
    "odometer": 147701.828125,

    "battery": {
        "range": 362.28,
        "percentRemaining": 0.05
    "charge": {
        "state": "NOT_CHARGING",
        "isPluggedIn": true
    "lastBatteryAt": "2020-08-25T14:48:25.538Z",
    "lastChargeAt": "2020-08-25T14:48:25.538Z",
    "lastLocationAt": "2020-08-25T14:48:25.538Z",
    "lastOdometerAt": "2020-08-25T14:48:25.538Z",
  "external_id": "434c7ff6-5faa-4033-9b3f-e38711dac911",
    "external_user": "e1eeb31f-b530-4d82-9b90-e6213887e065",
    "createdAt": "2020-08-25T14:48:25.539Z",
    "updatedAt": "2020-08-25T14:48:25.539Z"


_id string

The Id of this Electric Vehicle

organization string

The Organization Id that this driver is part of
Also see Organization

driver string

The Id of the Driver that "owns" this vehicle data
Also see Driver

token string

The virtual token associated with this vehicle. Tokens are used within OCPP to initiate and authorize charging stations.
Also see Tokens

location object

The last reported GPS location of this vehicle in latitude/longitude
Also see Location

make string

Vehicle OEM

model string

Vehicle Model

vin string

Vehicle Identification Number

year number

Start year for this vehicle

odometer number

AS reported by the vehicle in Km

battery object

range in kM as reported by the vehicle
percentRemaining State of Charge in % as reported by the vehicle

charge object

state Available states are [ CHARGING, FULLY_CHARGED, NOT_CHARGING]
isPluggedIn boolean indicates if a charging cable is connected

createdAt datetime

Creation time of this driver's record

updatedAt datetime

Last update time of this driver's record