1 March 2023

API v1.1

Payment Links
APIs to start the anonymous session with payment details via Stripe Connected Account.

User Wallets
APIs allow developers to create a user wallet and start a session using the wallet.

[Chargestations] (https://docs.edrv.io/reference/postrates)

  • PATCH /chargestations now supports security.tls_basic_auth for setting security profile tls with basic auth.

Bug Fixes

  • Error in Admin Invite API
  • Error in connector real-time status update API
  • Readme docs fix for patch charge station name

Admin Dashboard

Commercial Plan
Users can now upgrade to a commercial plan directly from the admin dashboard.

User Experience Enhancements

  • Widgets
  • Developers Page
  • Driver Application setup
  • General optimizations for themes, actions, and events on all screens
  • Support for a refresh on the OCPP Logs screen

TLS with Basic Auth Support
Users can now set charge station security to TLS with Basic Auth from the dashboard.

New user signup form

Bug Fixes

  • Error on save credit card

OCPP Server Network

  • TLS with Basic Auth
    Charge stations can now connect to the central system using the security profile TLS with Basic Auth.

Bug Fixes

  • Error in SendLocallist command processing