23 March 2021

Driver Mobile Application v1.1.3

Driver Signup / Login

  • Via Google and Email/Password

Incomplete Profile Completion Prompt

If a driver has not shared their phone number (e.g. if they signed up via google), they are now prompted to complete their profile on login.


Save And Re-use Credit Cards

  • Drivers (who have created an account and are logged in) are presented the option of saving a credit card in the payments screen. They can choose to un-check the box and not have their credit card saved.
  • They are also given the option of clicking on the Terms and Conditions of service. This link is set by the Organization admin via the Dashboard under Driver App Settings > Custom Links > Privacy
  • Next time the driver is about to start a transaction, he can skip the credit card payments form. He can pre-auth via a one button click on his saved credit card.

Add and Manage Default Credit Cards

  • Drivers can add/delete and select a default credit card to use via the Payment Methods page
  • The credit card set to default status is used for the next pre-auth payment (above)
  • If the driver has decided not to save any credit card he will be presented a credit card payments form every time.

Admin Dashboard

  • Bug fixed for editing a location.