27 Jan 2021

Admin Dashboard v1.0.1

  • Multiple Transaction Currencies possible for an Organization

    An organization with chargestations across borders (for e.g. USA, Canada) can set a Rate in one of three currencies (USD, CAD, EUR). When this rate is applied to a chargestation, all transactions will be presented to drivers in that specific currency. Regardless of the transaction currency applied (via rates), the payout will be made in your bank account currency.

  • Business Hours

    It is now possible for the admin to set business hours at a location via the dashboard. All chargestations in this location will only be available (via the driver app) during these hours.

  • Display Charging Current and Power

    During a charging transaction, the Admin can navigate to the transaction detail page and see the instantaneous Current and Power reported by the chargestation.

  • ICCID in Chargestation modal

    The ICCD of the SIM card in a chargestation (if it is reported in a Boot notification message) is recorded and shown in the chargestation info modal.

  • Bug fix for displaying Energy consumed

    Minor fix to correctly calculate energy consumed in an ongoing charging transaction (for displaying on the driver mobile app and transaction info page).

Driver Mobile Application v1.0.3

  • White-labeled Email Addresses

    It is now possible for drivers to receive all transactional emails from the connected organization's email address. All emails previously were sent from [email protected]

  • Apple Business Chat Driver Support

    You can now configure your Apple Business account on the Admin Dashboard for driver support. Drivers will be able to send you messages directly from the driver app.

  • Show/Hide Support Email, Phone and Support Hours

    If any of these fields not set in the admin dashboard, they will not be shown on the driver app.

  • Location and Chargestation notes

    Admins can add free text notes in the admin dashboard to a location and each chargestation. These are shown in the mobile driver app.

eDRV API v1.1.3

  • Chargestation link up/down detection

    Improved algorithm to detect when the communication channel to charge station fails within 25 seconds.

OCPP Server v1.1

  • Improved connection recovery on comms loss

    Using the fast comms disconnection algorithm above, the eDRV server no longer refuses connections from chargestations that connect/disconnect often. This ensures that a chargestation that lost connectivity (e.g. due to poor 4G signal) reconnects successfully on the very next retry.