31 August 2023

API v1.1

Minor Updates

  • GET /sessions to support filter by Location ID.
  • Updates for the session cost
    1. If the cost = 0 then it will not use rate.minimum_amount
    2. If cost > 0 and cost < rate.minimum_amount then the cost will be rate.minimum_amount.
  • The following Power limit APIs are updated to support unit values : [power, current, w, a] :
    1. POST /v1.1/sessions/{id}/set_power_limit
    2. POST /v1.1/chargestations/{id}/set_default_power_limit
    3. POST /v1.1/connectors/{id}/set_default_power_limit
    4. POST /v1.1/chargestations/{id}/set_charging_profile

Bug Fixes

  • PATCH /v1.1/sessions/{id} now returns a 405 response for invalid IDs.
  • GET /v1.1/sessions/{id}/energy_reports now returns a 405 response for invalid IDs.
  • POST /v1.1/chargestations/{id}/set_charging_profile enforces restrictions against negative power limits and start period values.
  • Fixed a 504 gateway timeout error in POST/v1.1/sessions/{id}/set_power_limit for invalid IDs.
  • Fixed a 504 gateway timeout error in POST/v1.1/sessions/{id}/clear_power_limit for invalid IDs.
  • Improved error handling for PATCH /chargestations/:id, returning a 409 conflict status when the endpoint is already in use.

Admin Dashboard

Load Management

The Load Management details page has been updated to include the following:

  • Overview : We have introduced support for both existing and new widgets, allowing you to visualize load management group-specific statistics.
  • OCPP Logs : You now have the ability to access logs for all charging stations within the group, facilitating better monitoring.
  • General user experience enhancement and bug fixes.

Minor Updates

  • Session reports to include a new user email column.
  • Session reports to include AM/PM indicators for the timestamps.

Bug Fixes

  • Missing mandatory field indication in the Billing Tax/VAT ID field.


Bug Fixes

  • Fix for the session configuration configuration.include_raw_energy_report and configuration.include_id_tag to consider the configuration values set in POST /sessions.