31 May 2023

Admin Dashboard

The Assets > Driver Application page has been updated and it now includes more details on sessions, driver users, and email details.

With sessions, you can view all the driver app sessions and filter them by ad-hoc/registered user or payment method and custom balance.

With users, you can view driver app users along with details about their wallet balance and saved payment methods.

With emails, you can view all the outgoing emails like Pre Auth Notice, Transaction Start, Transaction Completed and Wallet Top up to the driver app users along with their status like Sending, Delivered and Error

Users can now rotate/regenerate the API Key from the admin panel developers

A new report for charge station data export has been added


  • User experience improvement on the webhooks page
  • The Webhook events section has been retired


  • Status can now be filtered by charging and endedstates
  • When present chargestation Temperature is graphed on the session overview page

  • Export will now contain message payload

API v1.1

SET Session Power Limits now support a duration after which the power limit expires

Minor API Updates

  • New field called temperature has been added in the energy_reports API and session object
  • If configured via the admin dash or via a PATCH sessions API call all available measurands are included in session.raw_energy_report
  • All available measurands (when configured) are included in GET energy_reports API

Bug Fixes

  • GET /sessions filtering by status is now case-insensitive
  • Duplicate RFID's not allowed within an organization
  • Fix for Patch /rfid/{id} if an invalid user id is passed
  • Fix to handle erroneous in duration in chargestations/:id/set_default_power_limit