13 April 2021

Driver Mobile Application v1.3.0

Charge Completion User Experience Improvement


Time based rates adjustment for Idle Time

  • If a time based rate is applied at this connector, the driver is only charged($) for the Power Consumption portion of the transaction.
  • Any Idle Time during the transaction or after charging completes does not incur any expense for the driver.

Driver alerts on charge completion detection

The driver is sent an email alert when the car suspends charging.

Grouped Chargestation Zoom

Small fix for Zooming in by clicking on a group of Chargestations

Driver App Login Time

Drivers logins are now preserved for 24 hours before being asked to log in again

API Version v1.4.0

Time based rates adjustment for Idle Time

See above

Intelligent Recovery of SIM disconnections

For select SIM providers, eDRV monitors, detects and applies a recovery algorithm when the data connection from the chargestation gets interrupted. The corrective action is performed via the SIM provider's APIs where possible.
Also see Improved connection recovery on comms loss - 27Jan Release