21 July 2022

Admin Dashboard V2 Alpha

What's new in V2? (Private Alpha Release)

  • Network Analytics
    Gives an instant observation of your network health and statistics
  • Product Activity Logs
    Each action that is taken by the organization will be recorded and presented to the admin
  • Session Activity Logs
    View messages and webhooks within a session in one place

OCPP Chargestation Simulator

Bug Fixes

  • Start Transaction Bug
    Some simulators could not receive a start session command due to a state mismatch between the eDRV API server and the simulator server.

OCPP Server Network


  • Local Auth Sessions
    Charging Sessions that we not Authorized by eDRV can now be tracked from the admin panel. See Local Auth Charging

Bug Fixes

  • Faster processing of Transaction messages: StartTransaction and StopTransaction
    StartTransaction and StopTransaction messages will now be processed asynchronously such that in rare edge cases, the OCPP server does not block the charging station.