Local Auth Charging


With Local Auth Charging, service providers now have the ability to offer local-auth-based charging to drivers in commercial and multi-family properties.

One of the challenges with locally authorized charging has been that the operator is not able to capture energy usage. With eDRV's local auth feature, you are now able to start transactions locally while still being able to capture all transaction information and view statistics on the dashboard.

Local Authorized Sessions on eDRV

Our new feature allows us to track transactions made without central auth

  • Via RFIDs in the chargestation Local List (that are not saved in eDRV)
  • Auth-free charging e.g. a Phihong AW32's running no-auth mode

Transactions started via Local Auth are marked as Local User in the eDRV Dashboard


To get a view of all Local Auth transactions, you can click on the Local User and see statistics on all Local Auth transactions.