25 April 2023

API v1.1

APIs to get access and refresh tokens have been deprecated, developers can now directly use the API Key available in the admin panel's developer section as a Bearer Token for the API requests.

New APIs for OCPP Commands

Trigger Message

API for the TriggerMessage command to send BootNotification, StatusNotification, MeterValues, FirmwareStatusNotification, Heartbeat to the charge station.

Send Local List

API for the SendLocalList command to send a local authorization list that a charge station can use to authorise idTags.

Get Local List Version

API for the GetLocalListVersion command to get the version number of the local authorization list applied to the charge station.

Get Composite Schedule

API for the GetCompositeSchedule command to get all the active schedules and local power limits applied to the charge station.

Webhook Updates

Webhook Security

Webhook security header edrv-signature now contains an additional timestamp field to prevent replay attacks.

Webhook Retry

Added support for a linear retry mechanism where fixed retry attempts are made within an interval whenever a request fails due to a network or destination server issue.

API Updates

Change Configurations

PATCH /v1.1/chargestations/{id}/configurations now allow developers to pass custom values for chargestation configurations.

Bug Fixes

  • Error when MeterValues sampledValue contains Temperature.
  • Spike in the energy report graph whenMeterValues report Transaction.Begin as the context .

Admin Dashboard

Users can now export the monthly session data from the report section.

Manage Power Limits

  • Set/Clear Charge station Power Limit
  • Set/Clear Connectors Power Limit

Users can now edit the webhook endpoint from the admin panel.

User Experience Enhancements

OCPP Logs Improvement
Logs now include more details on validation checks performed when a charge station first connects to eDRV.

OCPP Server Network

Added support for the following new commands with the webhook events:

  • TriggerMessage
  • GetCompositeSchedules
  • SendLocalList
  • GetLocalListVersionId