25 Aug 2021

Admin Dashboard v1.6.0

Major Releases:

Introducing Webhooks

Developers can now get access to real time streaming events from their network on eDRV. For more details see the tutorial on Webhooks: https://docs.edrv.io/docs/webhooks-tutorial.

Improved Location precision for Chargestations


Chargestations now have an added Lat/Long property to reflect their precise location. Admins can now set the precise location from the edit modal or via the API. This should especially help apps display precisely a large number of chargestations at a location (e.g. many chargestations in a single parking lot).


Update Chargestation Locations

Existing chargestations on your network will inherit the location of their parent Location. Please update and fine tune the precise Lat/Long of your existing Chargestations from the dashboard or via the API.

Transaction Statistics Pages by User and by Chargestation


Admins can now see transaction stats for a User, Chargestation. In the detail pages we present a user / chargestation’s energy, cost and CO2 savings statistics.

Export Users and Chargestations data to CSV

Admin dashboard users can now choose to export Chargestations details, Users details and Transactions details and download them in CSV format.

Enhanced filtering actions on Chargestations page

Further filtering actions were introduced in the Chargestations page. The Admin dashboard user now has the ability to filter results by online status, visibility and location.

Users Page enhancement

Added filters, editing and other creation options for admins.

Other Improvements

Organization logo shown in the Dashboard

Orgs can now upload a custom company logo and it will be shown in the Admin dashboard application.

Show Org Id on the Dashboard

Admins and API developers can easily find the organization ID under [Settings] > [API]

Transaction Page Charging Status improvement

The transactions table now shows a suspended EV icon when the EV has finished charging.

Privacy and Terms of Use

Privacy policy and Terms of Use have now been separated as separate links in the Settings > Driver App page to give admins more options in presenting their legal terms to drivers.

Driver Mobile Application v1.6.0

Major Releases:

Introducing Driver Wallets


Logged in users will now have access to a built in wallet so they do not have to look for credit cards every time they charge. Drivers can save card payment methods to their profile and any new transactions will use this balance for charging.

The wallet also introduces an “auto top-up” feature which allows the user to control if they want to automatically add balance to the wallet using their preferred payment method when the balance is low.

Maps Enhancement


Better clustering presentation of charge stations on the map. With the new Chargestation location precision enhancement, the app can now precisely show multiple Chargestations in the same location that are very close to each other.

Other Improvements:

Session Page UX - Start Button refactor

The “Start Charging” button was refactored to be disabled until the driver plugs in the connector to allow drivers more time to start a transaction.

Transaction Stats Page


The driver app now shows stats for the driver and for a particular transaction. Stats include CO2 savings, Energy, Time and Money.

Adhoc Payments Page Credit Card Form

The credit card form in the payments page is now expandable, providing a cleaner UI to drivers.

User Signup: Terms and Conditions

An information text has been added to the Sign Up form stating the acceptance of Terms and conditions. Also see admin above.

eDRV API v1.7.1

Charging profiles

Enable SetChargingProfile and ClearChargingProfile commands are now available. See: ChargingProfiles

Chargestation, User Export

Exporting your data via CSV is now available via the API

OCPP Server Network v1.6.0

Support DataTransfer Command

The OCPP protocol has been enhanced to support DataTransfer messages (Refer to DataTransfer.req and DataTransfer.conf)