31 July 2023

Admin Dashboard

With the new ticketing system, users can now create support tickets directly from the admin dashboard. Tickets are assigned various severity levels based on the business impacts, such as Critical, Degraded, and General, to efficiently manage and prioritize support requests.

Discontinuation of eDRV Admin Dashboard version 1.0

Users will no longer have access to eDRV Admin Dashboard version 1.0 as it reaches its end of life. The team will focus on enhancing newer versions of the Admin Dashboard.

Users can retrieve the charging schedule, which includes applied power or current limits, for a particular chargestation and its connectors.

  • Users can filter out Events by Type and Status.
  • Users can view the event's request objects.

Load Management

  • Events Tab to track the statuses of various limits applied using the set charging and clear charging profiles within the load management.
  • General UI Enhancement and bug fixes.

Minor Updates

A new Settings tab has been introduced on the chargestation details page and the Chargestation Configuration has been moved under this tab.

Bug Fixes

  • Admin Invite to show name as someone in case of missing first and last name of the user.
  • Removed the power limits displayed at the chargestation and connector lists.

API v1.1

Load Management

Improvements in the load management algorithm.

Bug Fixes

  • session.started webhook was not being sent when the session is initiated using RFID.
  • Resolved the issue of empty data in the initial session.updated webhook event when the session is initiated using RFID.
  • Validation to check the user's balance against the organization's minimum balance requirement for the RFID wallet session.
  • include_id_tag and include_raw_energy_report configuration is not getting used when a session is started via Authorize or Driver Application.

Driver App

  • Allow chargestation to be searched by CSID or endpoints.
  • Fixed the incorrect currency display for INR configured account.