20 June 2022

API v1.1

[Sessions] (doc:sessions)

  • charging_activity property added to Sessions to report chronological state changes of the connector during the session.
  • state_of_charge property added to session.energy_report to report the vehicle state of charge if and only if reported by the chargestation
  • session.cost.breakdown: Added a detailed breakdown of each cost period (with start and end times)

Bug Fixes

  • 400 errors on DELETE /chargestations

Releases in Private Beta for Enterprise customers

  • Rates API: New base rate introduced: PARKING_TIME with a grace_period
  • Advanced Rates: Introduction of Rates Schedule (Time of Day rate scheduling)
  • Sessions API
    -- Introduction of two new targets: energy_start_time and energy_stop_time to intelligently manage energy delivery within a session. Session Targets.
    -- Updated Session Target time for an ongoing session

Admin Dashboard

  • Admin Invitations
    -- Added ability for admins to invite team members as co-admins.
  • Charge station Connection Debug Utility .
    -- New utility to help admins debug problems in connecting chargestations to eDRV.
  • Basic Auth Support
    -- Chargestations can now use username/password authentication to connect to eDRV.
  • Transactions Details Improvement.
    -- Added a graphical presentation for charging activity with applied rates for each period.

Bug Fixes

  • Multi-connector creation bug fixed.
  • Blank screen error on User search.
  • Error on editing a User.

Releases in Private Beta for Enterprise customers

  • [Rates] (doc:pricing-and-rates)
    -- Manage a new base rate named PARKING_TIME with a grace_period
  • [Advanced Rates] (doc:advanced-rates-for-charging)
    -- Management of Rates Schedule (Time of Day rate scheduling).

OCPP Chargestation Simulator

  • Resume Charging: Added a new event to support resuming charging after a SuspendedEV event (pausing charging).

Bug Fixes

  • Error when terminating a simulator.
  • Concurrent sessions not allowed.

OCPP Server Network

  • Deprecation of Slack Webhooks: Slack alerts for chargestation online/offline activity have been deprecated.
  • Special characters support in Endpoint name: Admins can now use special characters when naming their Endpoints.
  • Basic Auth Support: Username/Password-based chargestation authentication is now supported.

Bug Fixes

  • RFID Authorize: Support for case-insensitive idTag sent by the chargestation.

Driver App

  • Charge completion alert emails: Automatic emails to drivers when charging completion is detected have been put on hold for the foreseeable future.

Releases in Private Beta for Enterprise customers

  • Chargestation Page (Rates): Revamped the UI to support Advanced Rates (Rates Schedule).

  • Email Receipts: Revamped the email receipt format to support Advanced Rates (Rates Schedule).