Search for Chargestations

Learn how to find specific chargestations on your network

As a developer you will need to filter and present Chargestations on your network to your drivers via mobile apps and dashboards. Here are some of the major filters for slicing and dicing the available chargestations in your account.

By Location


Combine these three queries to search for chargestation within a search circle around a GPS point
For e.g offer drivers in your app a search for chargestations near me feature.


Get chargestations at a set of locations Ids.
For e.g. in a web dashboard to only show chargestations in select locations on a map.


Search for chargestations in a country state city or postalCode
For e.g. to offer a search address feature within your mobile app

By Connector Attributes

Search for chargestations where the connector is:

connector_active boolean

connector_status string

Get chargestations based on connector state.
E.g. all chargestations that have an Available connector

connector_type string

E.g. all chargestations with a J1772 connector

connector_format string

E.g. all chargestations with a J1772 connector

connector_power_type string

E.g. show 'DC chargestations

connector_power float

E.g. get high power chargestations i.e connector power greater than 22 kW

By Rate Attributes


E.g. Offer drivers a price range selector in your mobile application


E.g. allow drivers to select chargestations based on offered rate type

By Chargestation Status

online boolean

E.g. Show only online chargestations

active boolean

Active / Inactive

public boolean

Public / Private