Connect a Chargestation

Point your Chargestation to eDRV

Before connecting your OCPP compatible chargestation to eDRV you must get the Connection URL and Endpoint. See Chargestation Credentials.

Note the exact process of configuring your chargestation to point to eDRV will differ by manufacturer. Here are a few examples.

Example: Configuring an Alfen Chargestation

The Back Office URL is the eDRV Connection URL.

Alfen EV Proline configuration utilityAlfen EV Proline configuration utility

Alfen EV Proline configuration utility

The Customer identification number is the four digit eDRV Endpoint

Example: Connecting a Phihong Chargestation

In the OCPP Backend menu, set the Central System URL and Charge Box Id

Browser based Phihong config utilityBrowser based Phihong config utility

Browser based Phihong config utility

Central System URL is the the eDRV Connection URL.
Charge Box Id is the eDRV Endpoint.

Chargestation Connection Status

Once you have configured your chargestation please visit the dashboard to check the status.

Online Status





Chargestation is connected to eDRV cloud


Broken Link

Chargestation is offline


My chargestation is online 🥳

if you see a "handshake" icon on the dashboard, you have successfully connected your chargestation to eDRV cloud.


I am stuck 😢

Are you having trouble connecting your chargestation to eDRV?
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