Development Quick Start

Integrating eDRV into your app or website can begin as soon as you create an eDRV account, and requires two steps:

  1. Obtain your API Key so eDRV can authenticate your API requests
  2. Make a test API request

1. Getting an API Key

eDRV authenticates API requests using an API Key. Without API Key, an Unauthorized error will be thrown.

a. From the Admin Panel, Go to API Token Tab
b. Copy the API key and save it securely in your application.

2. Send an API request

Let us send a sample request; something easy like getting charge stations /chargestations.

Using the API Key from Step 1, try to get charge stations from the API playground. See GET /v1.1/chargestations

To learn more about API Keys or to test API Key in code see API Key

What’s Next

Time to connect your Chargestation and send it a test command.