Development Quick Start

Integrating eDRV into your app or website can begin as soon as you create an eDRV account, and requires three steps:

  1. Obtain your API token so eDRV can authenticate your API requests
  2. Make a test API request

1. Getting a Token

eDRV authenticates API requests using your Oauth2 API token. Without this token eDRV will return an error.


Grab a Playground Token

We have made it super easy for you to test the Beta release:
a. Navigate to the Admin Dashboard > API page
c. Copy your Playground environment token. (Do not use this in production)

Or Create a Production Token

a. Log in to your own eDRV account
b. Get your Client Id and Client Secret from the eDRV dashboard > API page.
c. Request a Token with these credentials (you have to do this in code). See Token Request.
d. Save your Token

2. Send an API request

Let us send a sample request ; something easy like /organizations/{id}.

a. Get your Organization Id from the eDRV dashboard > API page.
b. Using the Token from step 1, try get chargestations in the API playground. See GET /v1.1/chargestations


If you are ready to test your API in code, see Authenticating API Requests

What’s Next

Time to connect your Chargestation and send it a test command.