Send a Test Command

Time to put everything together.

Once you have confirmed you can send API requests to eDRV and you have connected a chargestation you can try sending a command to your chargestation via a REST API call.

Reset your Chargestation

  1. Get Chargestation Id
  2. Send a Reset API Call

1. Get Chargestation Id

Copy this from the Dashboard > Chargestations > Edit Chargestation Menu


2. Send a Reset API Call


You can use the API Explorer to quickly test this call. Remember to use your API token. If you get a 200 response you can expect your chargestation to start the reset process within a few seconds.


My chargestation reset πŸ₯³

Congratulations on completing the Quickstart! You can explore the rest of the API to connect and manage chargestations.


I am stuck 😒

Contact us . We are here to help.

What’s Next

Now that you are up and running, you can deep dive into more resources.