Wireless Signal Solutions

One of the constant challenges for operators is charge stations that are in basement parking lots or in other areas where there is poor or unreliable 4G wireless signal. This can lead to network disconnections, delays in reporting meter readings and generally a poor user experience for your EV drivers.

Outdoor 4G Wireless Router


Of course there many options available to connect a location to the internet. One option is to use an outdoor 4G wireless router that connects via wired ethernet to the charge station in the basement (or other areas of poor coverage). Let us have a look at this solution in more detail.

4G Wireless
The router is installed outdoors wherever there is a good 4G signal. A regular SIM card is installed and configured using the router's config utility.

This particular outdoor router is wired via Power Over Ethernet. Which means you need standard LAN cable between the router and the chargestation.


The unit is powered via the LAN cable using Power Over Ethernet. This eliminates the need to run a second power cable to the unit where it is mounted (e.g. on the roof or the outside facade of a building).


What is the max ethernet cable distance on this with Power over ethernet?

The Ethernet signal can transfer max 50-meter, and with DC power can transfer max 100-meter down the LAN cable. You can use PoE extender if you need longer runs.

You can install this on an outdoor wall with the https://ezr33.outdoorrouter.com/manual/installation/mounting-kit#2-5-1-l-shape-bracket L shape bracket.
You can also install it on a pole ▶️https://youtu.be/H9ktANC0-8A


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