Organization Object

An organization is a corporate entity that owns manages and operates charge stations in one or more locations.

An organization may manage chargestations in multiple locations (geographical addresses) and each of these may further have multiple chargestations per location.

Please use the Organizations endpoint to manage your organization and it's assets.

	"address": {
		"streetAndNumber": "Rigakade 10",
		"postalCode": "1013BC",
		"city": "Amsterdam",
		"country": "NL"
	"configurations": {
		"basicAuthEnabled": false,
		"basicAuthPassword": "testing"
	"locations": [
	"_id": "5e7e6c058a6deccfefdf4223",
	"name": "Rockstart B.V.",
	"updatedAt": "2020-07-10T09:41:40.605Z"

Sample Organization


address object

streetAndNumber: string The address of your commercial entity
postalCode: string
city: string
country: string Two digit country code

configurations object

basicAuthEnabled: boolean If your CS uses a password to connect to the back office system enable it here.
basicAuthPassword: string Set the connection password here.

locations array of objectIds

Locations owned by your org. There may be more than one CS at each location. See Location

_id string

The Id of your org

name string

The name of your org

updatedAt datetime

Last update time of this org record