Phihong Configuration

Config Utility Access


Setup process for connecting the hardware config utility via a local laptop (from the Phihong user manual)

In order to configure the chargestation hardware settings, you need the following:

A laptop

  • With a web browser e.g. Chrome
  • Configurable IP address
  • We recommend a Windows based laptop for this step rather than a Mac

Ethernet cable
To connect directly to the chargestation

Please follow steps 1-4 as shown in the image from the Phihong manual above

  • Step 1: Power on and wait for a green LED light
  • Step 2: Expose the RJ45 Ethernet on the chargestation
  • Step 3: Connect an ethernet cable between the chargestation and your laptop
  • Step 4: Set your laptop IP address to


NOTE: Step 4 (Setting a Fixed IP on your laptop)

Please see how to set a fixed IP on your Windows laptop here: Change TCP/IP Settings

Final Step: Access the Web Config Utility

Navigate your web browser to
If your browser complains about privacy / unsafe site, please click advanced and proceed anyway.


Username and Password

The chargestation configuration is protected by a username and password. Please contact the eDRV team for access.

eDRV Server Connection

Once you have accessed the browser based config utility, please navigate to Set > OCPP Backend


Image from Phihong's web based charge station connection utility.

Central System URL
This is the URL of the eDRV server


Charge Box Id
This is the Endpoint from the eDRV admin dashboard.

4 digit Endpoint Id from the eDRV admin dashboard. See Chargestation Connection

4G SIM Setup

Once you have accessed the browser based config utility, please navigate to Set > Network > 3G/4G


After you have installed the SIM you can configure it as follows:
Step 1: Mode
To enable/disable 4G comms


Step 2: APN
The Access Point Name of the SIM/Data provider. Case sensitive!

Twilio SIMs: super

Step 3: Restart the Chargestation

4G Connection Status Fields

Once the CS is up and running you can see the current data comms status:
Displays the current mobile network Received Signal Strength in dBm. The higher the better.

The lowest we have seen in testing is 15dBm.

Step 2: Network Connection Status
Status of the mobile data connection from the Chargestation to the mobile network provider. >Connected/Disconnected