Starting a Session with Wallet Payments


Developers can now start a session using the user wallet as a source of payment. eDRV's session handles the rest seamlessly.


Availability Regions

The organization will be required to create and configure a stripe account and it is only available in the US at the moment.

Starting a Session

Developers can start a session by calling the POST /sessions API with an additional property type = wallet.

    "type": "wallet",
    "connector": "63d3a7662a035a1c9ac1356e",
    "user": "603763d392204c0c840578be"

Error Conditions
eDRV checks the user's wallet before a session can be started. The following error responses can be expected:

a. 405 Invalid user Wallet
If the user does not have a wallet, the API will return aUser does not have a wallet error with a 405 status code.
b. 405 Insufficient Minimum Balance
The user needs to have a minimum balance >= organization.configurations.session (by default this is set to 2000) to start a session otherwise, the API will return User does not have minimum balance error with 405 status code.
c. 405 Wallet/Connector Currency mismatch
If the connector.rate.currency is not the same as wallet.currency, eDRV will return a Wallet currency does not match the rate currency error with 405 status code.

Successful Session Attempt
If the checks above succeed, eDRV will attempt to start a charging session with payment.type = api_wallet, payment.authorized_amount = wallet.balance and payment.status = authorized. (eDRV will also send payment.created and payment_authorized webhook events along with session.created)

  "_id": "63dcf32e7d291b1b005284ac",
  "payment": {
    "_id": "63dcf32e7d291b1b005284aa",
    "session": "63dcf32e7d291b1b005284ac",
    "currency": "usd",
    "authorized_amount": 160.72,
    "type": "api_wallet",
    "status": "authorized",
    "createdAt": "2023-02-03T11:42:38.440Z",
    "updatedAt": "2023-02-03T11:42:38.440Z"
  "type": "wallet",
  "user": "603763d392204c0c840578be",
  "chargestation": "63dccb1691f36e2e26c478b5",
  "connector": "63d3a7662a035a1c9ac1356e",
  "status": "created",
  "createdAt": "2023-02-03T11:42:38.682Z",
  "updatedAt": "2023-02-03T11:42:38.682Z"

On Session End
When the session ends, the payment.status will be updated to succeeded and a payment.captured webhook will be sent along with wallet.updated.

Pausing a Session

Developers can pause or resume an ongoing session by calling the following APIs. (All OCPP-compliant chargestations ought to support this feature).

  • The GET /sessions/:id/pause API will stop the energy flow and trigger a session.paused webhook event.
  • The GET /sessions/:id/resume API will start the energy flow and trigger a session.resumed webhook event.

Ending a Session

There is no API to stop a session when the rate attached to a session has a PARKING_TIME component in which case, it can only be stopped in the following two scenarios.

  1. The user/driver detaches the cable from the charging station.
  2. When the session.cost.amount is about to exceed payment.authorized_amount eDRV's session intelligence will attempt to stop an ongoing session to ensure the authorized_amount is never exceeded.

If the session does not have a PARKING_TIME rate component, it can be stopped by calling the sessions/:id/stop API.

Once the session ends (as reported by the charging station):

  • A session.ended webhook event will be triggered which will have the final cost of the session.
  • The system will try to update the wallet balance based on the final session cost and will send session.payment.captured webhook event.


No Session Stops via API when using Overstay Rates

If a session is running on a Rate that has a PARKING_TIME component then you cannot use the Stop API.
In order to accurately calculate the amount of time a driver "overstayed", the session must not be stopped via the API (in this case, the driver removing the connector triggers the charge station to stop the session).

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