Top Up Object

  "_id": "63e08c84bbc37c41b0ccb91a",
  "user": "603763d392204c0c840578be",
  "wallet": "63d211c12abcb85f9c634b6e",
  "url": "",
  "status": "created",
  "type": "manual",
  "amount": 3000,
  "wallet_amount": 3500,
  "currency": "EUR",
  "source": {},
  "test_mode": true,
  "createdAt": "2023-02-06T05:13:40.932Z",
  "updatedAt": "2023-02-06T05:13:40.932Z",
  "expiredAt": "2023-02-06T05:18:40.927Z"


_id string

The Id of this top-up

user string

The Id of the user

wallet string

The Id of the wallet

type string

The top-up type (manual or manual_with_payment_method)

url string

The URL that needs to be rendered to capture the payment. (only exists if the type = manual)

status string

The top-up status ('created, 'expired, 'completed`)

amount number

Amount which will be charged

wallet_amount number

Amount updated when the charge is successfully captured by the above-specified property

currency string

3 letter iso currency codes. See If you do not see your currency listed, please contact support.

test_mode boolean

Whether the top-up is created in test_mode or not.

source object

eDRV Internal use only.

createdAt datetime

Creation time

updatedAt datetime

Last update time

expiredAt datetime

Expiry time