Upgrading Chargestation Firmware

Manufacturer’s recommend that you keep the chargestation updated with the latest version of the firmware. This page describes how you can upload the file to the chargestation and update the firmware.

Latest Firmware Download

You can download the latest version of the firmware for the Phihong AW32 Chargestation here:

US Firmware V0.67: DOWNLOAD FILE

Please save this file on the laptop you will use to connect to the chargestation.

Step 1: Connect your Laptop to the Chargestation via Ethernet

In order to connect to the chargestation to upload the latest firmware, first please follow the steps highlighted here Connecting Your Laptop

Step 2: Upgrade Menu in the Chargestation Web Utility

Once you have connected to the chargestation via your laptop, naviagate to the UPGRADE tab and click on browse for choosing the firmware file from your local drive.


Once you have selected the file and you are able to see the filename in the text box click "Set" for starting the firmware upgrade. You can see the progress below the Upgrade Status line.


Once the upload finishes the chargestation will begin the installation, at this point you should be able to see the wait message during the upgrade. This process can take a few minutes to complete.


Once the upgrade is done you will receive a confirmation message.


Step 3: Firmware Upgrade Confirmation

Navigate to the SET tab and under "Version information" section you should see the new firmware version reflected.